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Pleased to Meet You

It's All in the Name

After years of seeing advances in technology revolutionize other aspects of HR, the time has come to bring those advances to compensation. 

BetterComp was founded with a singular purpose: to finally bring compensation software into the 21st century. With more than 30 years combined experience in compensation and comp technology, our founders created a solution that actually answers comp teams’ biggest gripes.

Achieving Our Mission

We see a future where comp teams leverage modern technology to revolutionize the way they work and how organizations use compensation data. And we mean to make that vision a reality.

BetterComp is on a mission to enable better compensation tools, processes, and data for everyone.


Comp pros know what they want to do; we listen to truly understand the needs of today's comp teams.


We take the feedback from our customers and the industry and build what comp pros are asking for.


We're always looking for ways to enhance our platform and move the compensation space forward.

Meet Our Founders

Alan Miegel HeadshotAlan Miegel

Chief Executive Officer


Alan is BetterComp's Co-Founder & CEO, With over 20 years in the world of compensation market pricing including executive roles at, PayFactors and PayScale. Alan also prides himself on Wizard-level Excel skills.

Alan set upon building a Better compensation solution by tapping into his 20 years of contacts in the comp space. His favorite part of the whole experience was hearing directly from customers what they wanted and then stepping back and designing a solution that addressed the common themes.

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SL-Headshot8Sandra Leon

Chief Customer Officer


Sandra is BetterComp’s Co-Founder and Chief Customer Officer. She has over 20 years experience in compensation and comp technology, most recently as VP of Customer Success at MarketPay. Sandra started as a compensation practitioner, but once she was introduced to market pricing software, she knew she had found her new calling. She jumped into the compensation software space and spent the next 13 years building and growing a client management team hyper focused on creating customer delight. Sandra brings that same focus and dedication to the BetterComp customer experience.

derek HeadshotDerek Watson

Chief Technical Officer


Derek is Co-Founder and CTO at BetterComp. With nearly 25 years building SaaS solutions both as an Engineering Leader and as a CTO, Derek has long seen the challenge comp departments have with legacy solutions and was floored when customers experienced delays as long as a week for simple things like loading a survey file. He's driven by solving problems and excited by the opportunity to advance technological capabilities for compensation teams.