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BetterComp is Now Part of the Workday Partner Ecosystem

At BetterComp, creating strong partnerships with leading companies from across the HR technology and compensation ecosystem is a critical component of how we deliver value to our customers. Because we maintain a specific focus on our market pricing solution, our partnerships help customers access the right data and build out a comprehensive suite of compensation technologies.

wday-emerging-partners_logoTo that end, we’re delighted to join Workday’s partner ecosystem as an Emerging Partner. With more than half of BetterComp customers using Workday for their HRIS and/or ERP solution, our partnership stands to be advantageous for our shared customers.

A Long Time Vision

As a former Workday employee (#764, and I have the coffee cup to prove it!), I understand how much Workday customers could benefit when their solutions have official partnerships with Workday.  Workday partners have unique access to a Workday tenant (for testing and building integrations and use cases) and unique access to the Workday product management team fostering deeper and deeper benefits for mutual customers. Without that trusted partnership, customer’s Workday teams have to rely on integrations that aren’t with the benefit of a Workday tenant, which can lead to unreliable integrations that cause more work than they solve for. 

When I was with other companies in the market pricing space, we tried to forge a partnership with Workday, but we could never get any traction. Back then, our technology was already outdated and just too old and clunky, not at all aligned to the kind of partners that make up the Workday ecosystem. So this partnership is a long-time coming, but was actually pretty straightforward for BetterComp to pull off given our dozens of Fortune 500 customers that run Workday including Aibnb, Nvidia, and Target.

Key Benefits

Enhanced Data Accuracy: By integrating BetterComp’s market pricing solution with Workday's comprehensive human capital management (HCM) system, we can access real-time employee and job data, ensuring the most accurate and up-to-date compensation insights. Our clients can make informed decisions based on the most up to date information, improving their market pricing accuracy and, ultimately, their market competitiveness.

Streamlined Business Processes: BetterComp’s Workday facilitates seamless data transfer, eliminating manual processes and reducing the risk of errors. Clients will experience improved efficiency, enabling them to focus on strategic initiatives rather than mundane administrative tasks - all without involving their IT team.

Actionable Insights: The combined power of Workday's analytics capabilities and BetterComp’s compensation market pricing expertise will generate actionable insights for our mutual clients. Organizations can leverage these insights to align their compensation strategies with business goals, attract and retain top talent, and drive employee engagement and productivity.

Continuous Innovation: BetterComp’s partnership with Workday ensures that our compensation market pricing solutions will continually evolve and stay at the forefront of industry advancements. This commitment to ongoing innovation guarantees that our clients will always have access to cutting-edge solutions that drive their compensation strategies forward.

Unparalleled Customer Support: We are dedicated to providing exceptional customer support, and this partnership reinforces our commitment. Our teams will work closely together to offer comprehensive support, ensuring our clients receive a seamless experience from implementation to ongoing maintenance

Just Getting Started

Here at BetterComp, we’re just getting started on the innovation we’re bringing to the compensation industry. We’re excited about how far we’ve come in such a short amount of time and look forward to continuing to work with our customers and our partners to bring innovation forward.

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